Officially on the scene

Happy New Year! Welcome to my blog, Samee on Everything. Now granted, no one knows everything about everything. Don’t be ridiculous. I don’t claim to know everything about anything. I am, however, asked pretty frequently for my opinion on all sorts of things and me being me – I’m always more than happy to oblige. 😉 I’m good with career and dating/relationship advice, and college football discussions. I can go into politics if need be, but only if forced. What I can’t do is give good advice when people leave out facts, so don’t write me with skewed questions trying to get a particular answer, leaving out the important stuff that I need to know. Don’t even try it, actually, because I’ll just follow up with the questions about what you’re omitting. I’m good like that. Try me. Write me. (Love meee!)




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7 responses to “Officially on the scene

  1. Tiffiny

    Congratulations, Samee Ray on your quest to be one of the lucky few who actually love their job! I think its all about passion. Find the thing you’re most passionate about and then figure out how to make a living doing it. A guy I used to work with sent a farewell e-mail on his last day that we all laughed about, but were probably secretly jealous that he enjoyed his job so much. In the e-mail he said, “The hardest thing for me to do everyday was to stop myself from getting off the train and running to the office.” So, here’s to excitedly running to the office!

  2. pooh-sah

    alo-haaay girl! have fun with this!

  3. Nic H

    Cute pic! 🙂

  4. Quinn

    I am so proud of you! I look forward to reading your blog and hearing the great information you provide to everyone. -QB

  5. sameeoneverything

    you can email me and ask it, or just post it in your comment and i’ll reply. thank you!

  6. Jamie

    I have a question. How do I get it to you?

  7. * black mamba *

    Samee – you’re the bestest! I’ll be reading everything you write!

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