Day One


Head of the Charles quad practice - photo by P. Courtney

Here it is. Day one of my path to be the person I want to be. As I sit here typing at 5:20am, I’m so excited! In my April – November life, getting up at 5:20 would mean sleeping in, missing crew, starting the day off all wrong. But in my winter life, being up at 5:20 is an early start and with my commitment to taking time to write, I need all hours in my day.

My parents read my first couple of posts and sent me email comments. I love my parents. They are relative newbies to the world online but it’s great to see them out there emailing, visiting websites – all of that good stuff. My dad said something that I’ve thought about and have taken to heart. He basically encouraged me to reconsider my method of thinking about my paying job, and view my recreational activities as little rewards for a hard day’s work. An attitude adjustment, if you will. I’d already been in the practice of periodically recalibrating my attitude toward my paying job, but his comment was a reminder that it might be that time again. So consider it done.

My mom’s comment was more cautionary, aimed at making sure this “side gig” doesn’t interfere with my paying job. Don’t worry – it won’t. It can’t really. I can’t access my page from my work computer because my employer blocks out anything that could in anyway be seen as fun. Now that you know that, you know why I can’t respond to comments unless I’m not at work.

Back to my Day One. This is a particularly exceptional day to be Day One, too. Today all the good little Ohio State Buckeye boys and girls will run around with their hearts atwitter, their eyes full of joy and excitement about their game against the University of Texas Longhorns in the Tostitos Fiesta Bowl in Glendale, AZ. You may not see them at work today because Buckeye fans are very devout and might catch a one-day cold in order to prepare for the big game tonight at 8pm EST.  You may not see them at work tomorrow because they’ll have the illest attitude and be totally sick over losing in their third straight bowl game.

I’m putting it on record – O State: it’s goin’ down! Texas feels slighted because they’re not playing for the National Championship. OSU wasn’t event the best team in their conference. Rarely, if ever, do I feel bad for O State fans, but after getting straight mollywopped by Florida and then LSU… y’all might be called the Blackeyes after this whooping Texas is about to put on ya!

* A tear for Nic H and Kyle, the 2 Blackeye fans that I know will see this. I will take your $5 if that’s what you want. I will not send hater texts. And I will be happy for you all if your squad pulls out a win!

But if not, tomorrow starts the healing process.

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9 responses to “Day One

  1. Nic H

    I second Kyle’s thoughts/ comments! Ohio State surprised me & played well yesterday…I am proud of them. There is always next year!

  2. sameeoneverything

    Kyle, Nic H, ACRA — Things are looking up for O State! The mollywopping that I anticipated did not come to fruition. Congrats Bucks for keeping it respectable! And I sent not one hater text – not one!!

  3. We only lose when our franchise players get hurt:

    Florida loss: Ted Ginn Jr.
    USC loss: Beanie Wells
    Today’s loss: Beanie Wells

    Ohio State is the sh!t, everyone knows this, but you can’t win ’em all. Time to rebuild!

  4. sameeoneverything

    Ahhh A.C.R.A. Your Ohio spirit is commendable but alas…I checked the Doppler 5000 forecast and there just wasn’t anything about unexpected wins and scattered miracles in the vicinity of Glendale. 😦

  5. sameeoneverything

    no hater texts. i promise. as an OSU fan, you’ve been through enough already. i do not want to add to your pain & suffering!

  6. Athena

    Hope springs eternal. THE Ohio State University will triumph in the end (even if it’s in my dreams). I can appreciate your father’s advice, but along with Tiffiny’s comment, I think its about purpose. You’ll have it made if you can figure out your purpose/calling and then find a way to get paid for it. The journey is figuring out your purpose, but your blog is evidence that you are certainly on your way!

  7. Nic H

    I like the links…:-)

  8. Nic H

    Why thank you! No hater texts?? Happy if OSU wins…this IS the start of a New Year 🙂

    I am not expecting anything short of a beating, but at least OSU is not playing for a title this year and is not expected to win. Expectations are low this time around…so low that I forgot (gasp) the game was on today!! ha….

    Anyways…go Bucs!

  9. McKang

    I’m going to take your dad’s advice too. Thanks for sharing it with us!

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