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Saturday night I went out to celebrate my friend FGH’s 30th birthday. While I waited for FGH & Co. to arrive at the party spot from an earlier dinner, I had some good talk time with my some of my guy friends. Some of them are readers of this blog, and some said they hadn’t seen it yet. All (except one, I think) are in relationships. One of my coupled-up guy friends said to me, “Here’s a topic for your blog. Word of the day – restraint.”

My friend who suggested this topic then said something that I thought was quite insightful: “Thing about restraint is…the less you have, the more you need.”

restraint = not abusing sick leave on a day like this...

Restraint = not abusing sick leave on a day like this

I don’t think that statement fully hit me until I got home later and thought about how I’d write about it. It’s just SO true! The less restraint you have, no matter what the situation – the more you NEED to exercise restraint. (And just so we’re clear, I’m saying “you” in the collective sense meaning “you” = “we”, including me!)  🙂

In the situation Saturday night, we were out at a lounge/bar/club venue filled with many half-nekkid, good-looking women (even though it was freeezin’ cold inside!) and liquored-up men, some of each whom were “on the prowl”. So I could understand how the theme of “restraint” could pop up in his mind. Restraint, however, is very necessary just on the daily.

Your manager asks you to re-do something that you did already, but then un-did at his or her request? The less restraint you have, the more you NEED just to keep from poppin’ off at that manager.

Already jay-runk but still saying “yes” to another drink because it’s free open bar?

She says she’s on the Pill, or he says he’s got a clean bill of health: so you figure…why not?

Feenin’ for those $200 jeans, or flat screen TV upgrade – but your rent/mortgage will be late?

I think (I hope!) we all realize that we can’t just roll through life unrestrained, doing as we please. I just liked the way he put the Word of the Day into perspective:

Restraint – the less you have, the more you need.

*Thank you Dr. M for the WOTD discussion, which is now the topic du jour.*

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