I’m back!

Hola! I’m back from Espana after a short trip to Madrid. I tried to keep to the Mon/Wed/Fri posting schedule but…I didn’t feel like lugging this laptop across the pond. 😦   My apologies for not keeping to the schedule for Friday, but it’s still Monday (in Eastern time, where I am) so I’m back on track. Well, kind of.

Pics are coming! I’m relying on Number 4 and Pharma-T to post the pics to Facebook (their accounts, not mine) so hopefully I can snag a few.

I didn’t realize that my own digi-cam was so OLD that the MPs on that Sony are actually fewer than the camera in my cell phone. Yeah yeah yeah. I’m getting a new digi-cam sooner than later…

Will write all about the trip, with pics on Wednesday’s post or maybe tomorrow if my body clock adjusts.



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2 responses to “I’m back!

  1. pooh-sah

    hey girl! welcome back! can’t wait to hear about yo trip! by the way, you can get a good deal on a camera at costco! holla if you need membership!

  2. McKang

    Welcome back! Let’s try to do lunch this week.

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