My wings have been clipped

I know you all must think I’m a real rollin’ stone, but I’ve just crammed all of my travel into my rowing off-season. And it’s a good thing I got back from PR this week — because rowing starts up on Monday!!! I am super excited to get back on the water and be on a regular (well, if you call getting up at 4:30am, 5 days a week regular) schedule. But, to help me get ready for being on the water here, I decided to be on the water in PR.

rowing starts on monday!!!

rowing starts on monday!!!

I went to San Juan for a few days with Dr. Kaitlyn, my roommate from law school. Dr. K is a swell travelmate and we roll out often. In 2007, we went to Mexico for my birthday and we’ve also been to LA and Miami. Yes. I quite like traveling with Dr. Kaitlyn. Hopefully she’ll be able to make it to DC this spring/summer!! We arrived on Thursday early afternoon to sunny, hazy skies and 80 degree temps. NICE. She said it was 17 when she left Chicago. Talk about appreciative! Thursday was for pool and hot tub, bevs and getting acclimated to the resort.

Friday – what did we do on Friday? Friday really did fly by. Let me think. More pool. More hot tub. We didn’t spend much time on the beach because Dr. K doesn’t like the sand, but also because it was quite windy and I didn’t want to deal with the wind kickin’ up the sand. That sucks! I think we just soaked up some rays. Oh – and it rained part of the day. On Friday, we also scheduled the jet ski water tour of San Juan for Saturday. We ended up going into Viejo San Juan (Old San Juan) later in the day and did a little sightseeing. That was cool. Played a few nickels and quarters worth at the Sheraton casino down there too. I’ll never get those $5 back… 😦

dr. kaitlyn whizzing by El Morro

dr. kaitlyn whizzing by El Morro

Saturday – we left out early (I mean, for vacation) and headed into Viejo San Juan. But on Saturday, while we were out, the jet ski people called to bump us to Sunday at 1pm. We were, however, already in VSJ and decided to do some real sightseeing in our would-be jet ski time. We went to El Morro and the Castillo de San Felipe, a National Park Service historical site. I like visiting historic sights and imagining what it was like when they were in use. People must have been smaller back then, I’m sure. Either that or these off-season weight workouts have me waaay too hulky. We also saw this cemetery that I can’t remember the name of and several plazas. The locals take the phrase “go fly a kite” to heart, and we saw families out on the windy Saturday afternoon flying all kinds of kites.

self-pic at El Morro y Castillo de San Felipe

self-pic at El Morro y Castillo de San Felipe

We also went into the Catedral San Juan Batista. I love visiting cathedrals. My fave place to go in DC is the National Cathedral, but not many people know that. Well…not anymore. There was a wedding taking place, but that didn’t stop the tourists like yours truly from congregating in the back of the cathedral, taking pics and being very quiet.

And on Saturday, we had to hit up the shops! I was on quite the budget for this trip and was VERY well-behaved.  🙂  Sooz Orman would be proud.

Saturday night was party time! We hit up the club at the El San Juan, next door to our hotel. If you ever go, this is the place to go on Saturday nights. It just is. Good times! So good that we were LOSIN’ come Sunday morning. Glad we didn’t book the jet skis for the earlier (11am) slot…

samee & Dr. K. - we be clubbin'

samee & Dr. K. - we be clubbin'

Sunday was the pinnacle of the trip. JET SKI RENTAL!!! This was all Dr. K’s idea. She saw it on TripAdvisor and I agreed to do it. It’s a jet ski tour of San Juan (from the water.) The guy was kinda corny because he kept referring to us as his “pirates”, which got old real quick. But the tour itself was pretty cool. We were around the bay and then out in the ocean. Nice! There is nothing like heading into 8 -10 foot waves on a jet ski! Insanity! If you ever (eva eva eva) go to San Juan, consider doing the jet ski tour of the city. It was awesome!

see samee's sea spray - say that 5 times fast!

see samee's sea spray - say that 5 times fast!

Monday – time to pack up to head back to coldness. But I had to get a few extra rays in! Too bad Mother Nature had other plans for my morning. It rained like a monsoon out there. I went back to sleep for awhile, but ended up going out for about 1-1/2 hours before it was time to leave. Ten minute trip to the airport, the total run-around trying to get checked in, and a connecting flight later, I was back in the cold, dreary Nation’s capital with only my memories of sun and sea spray in my face.

Oh – and my awesome March tan! 🙂


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