First Day of School

I hope everyone’s having a great week so far. I am. I’ve been busier than usual at work, getting ready to leave my current job in mid-April. But I’ll be back (probably.) At my place of employment, you can apply for a temporary reassignment to a different division, different office or different location. If you get it, you essentially get to do a test drive of a new job without having to commit to taking it and without risking being out of your current one! For someone as free wheeling as myself, this is perrrfect. The downside is that my current job is acting like I’m never coming back and, accordingly, are working me like a modern day slave. Still I prevailed in my mission to get in early and get out early, making it home by 5pm.

Today I was able to accomplish yet another step on my path. Remember waaay back in January when I said I wanted to be one of those people who looooved their jobs? Well, I still do. I started blogging to start writing, which I enjoy. I try to do it as often as possible because, as with anything you want to be good at, it takes practice. Like rowing, I enjoy my writing practice. In addition to starting this blog, I decided to enroll in a writing class offered online at UCLA. Today was my first day of school. I’ve never taken an online class and this one isn’t in real time. I can download it whenever I have time, within a 1 week time frame. I have some homework related to this class and I’m excited to do it! I can’t wait for UPS to finally deliver my textbook so that I can get started. It’s so exciting to learn something that I actually want to learn about.

I was talking to one of my brothers on his birthday last week. He’s #3 in the grand scheme o’children. He was an excellent student in high school and into college but stopped going some years ago and didn’t finish. Now he’s gotten his second wind and is enrolled in university to finish up his 4-year degree in computer something. He was telling me how much he enjoyed his classes, and his completely different outlook on school. Once you’ve been working, in jobs that you may or may not like but definitely do not love, going back to school for something you enjoy is a liberating experience. As a result, he’s the star student! He is that guy. You know who I’m talking about.

3 outta 4 brothers. #3, right.

3 outta 4 brothers. #3, right.

Anyone who went to college or a grad program that has part-time students – you know who I’m talking about. I’m talking about the older person in the class who is prepared. Who contributes to the discussion and responds to what the professor asks. Not the slacker 19 year old who shows up just to get credit for attendance. No. This person is coming because they want to learn the subject matter and retain that knowledge for use on the test and in practice. My brother is that person now! He is that guy.

I want to be that person in my UCLA class. My class isn’t part of a degree program; it’s continuing ed. Everyone is there because they want to be there. I’m continuing on my path toward possible career fulfillment. At least I know that if I’m not that person singularly, I’m still aiming to be one of those people in this class.

Viva la vida! (live the life!)

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8 responses to “First Day of School

  1. sameeoneverything

    mckang – i’m taking an online writing class at UCLA. i have to go out there about once each term to do a saturday workshop/class. oh darn – as if i needed an excuse to bounce outta here to hel-LA! yay!

  2. sameeoneverything

    ayyyman Dr. K! hopefully that’ll be me. i mean, why else would i be spending a beeeyoootiful sunday afternoon doing… homework. πŸ™‚

  3. Dr. Kaitlyn

    As someone who recently went back to school to study something they enjoyed, was the “older” person with a bunch of slacker youngsters, and aced every single class (except that one woozer who gave me a B), I wish you both the very best of luck! Nothing like a little maturity to make you appreciate what’s really important.

  4. McKang

    Way to go #3!

    Samee, where are you going?

  5. sameeoneverything

    thank you, n to the i-c!

  6. sameeoneverything

    congrats!! that’s awesome #3. terrible pic? try one of the only pics. remember this pic when i’m home in mem’l day wknd and you’re dodging the camera. πŸ™‚

  7. Nic H

    Good luck with your are already starting out the right way, with enthusiasm! Who knows what the future may hold, but knowing you…you will figure it all out and make it happen!

  8. #3

    Yep, I’m that guy. Got the highest grade on the programming test I took on my birthday. It’s Computer Info Systems, btw.

    That’s a terrible picture of me.

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