Crazy Eyes

I was watching some cable news station the last time I was at home. My dad walked by the TV and said to me, referring to a politician or some political appointee, “Now see? Anybody can look at him and see that he just is NOT RIGHT. Something about him is OFF.”  It was true – something about the guy did look…off. He had the “crazy eyes”. Craziness was all up in his eyes, in his face, his mannerisms. And then the craziness started coming out of his mouth.

I often go with my “first mind”, meaning my intuition, when making decisions. I don’t turn it off, or try to rationalize or come up with explanations for why I feel the way I do about (fill in the blank here.) When I meet a person for the first time, I focus on how I feel about them and what I initially thought about them. If my initial thoughts are not to trust them or that they make me uncomfortable, I don’t try to explain it or figure out what about them makes me uncomfortable. I move on and try to stay away from them, or avoid them as much as I possibly can.

I recently saw someone who had the CRAZY EYES!  This was someone that I knew and had gone out with many, many years ago. He did not have the crazy eyes back then; he must have developed them over the years (“adult onset” crazy eyes). He contacted me via (curses!!!) Facebook. Note to self: I have got to even further limit my profile so that random people can’t even so much as email me. Anyway, I am often contacted by people of varying degrees of closeness to me who end up in DC on business, so (if I’m in town and free) I generally have no problem meeting up with seemingly normal people who contact me and say they’re in the city. But in this situation, since I saw the crazy eyes when he saw me, I couldn’t duck out and run away without him noticing. So much for plan A. My first mind’s plan B was to try and end the meeting as quickly (and unoffensively) as possible. (Success!)

And sure enough, the more I heard him say, the more my initial thought was confirmed. I don’t care about the argument that “you find what you’re looking for”, meaning that I was listening for the craziness to confirm the crazy eyes. Whatever. Either way – crazy is crazy. He’s a nice enough person, I guess, but…let me just say that I completely see why continues to encounter the volume of societal issues that he does.

Later on this week, I’m meeting up with a non-crazy-eyed good friend who is visiting DC from Atlanta for a work meeting. This will more than make-up for the crazy eyes experience from the other day. (Whew!!)

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2 responses to “Crazy Eyes

  1. Christina

    Too funny!

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