And liberty and amnesty for all

Who hasn’t broken the law? Who doesn’t have unpaid parking/red light camera/speed camera tickets? Hasn’t filed taxes (federal, state, local) in awhile, or just late filing this year? Own a business that owes some kind of tax or fee? Has a dormant collections account? Delinquent on student loans? Late on your rent or mortgage? I know very few people, if any, who aren’t late or somehow negligent about paying something. Now maybe that speaks volumes about the crew I roll with but whatever. I owe on some tickets and am late with my vehicle emissions inspection and registration. And I consider myself “on top of things”!

Fight the power? This is scary. Photo courtesy of Willie Stark - ONE/MILLION,

So we all have heard about this bill in Arizona and the great immigration debate. What to do about the hundreds of thousands of people who have not only entered the USA illegally but who have also made lives here, married here, and have children here who are US citizens? Many years ago, in immigration law class, the mere mention of amnesty made me angry and disgusted. How dare these people come into the country illegally and then wait it out and try to get right at a later date? I now understand that the issue is still there, but it’s a bit more complex than I thought at first. Today, though, I came up with this: amnesty for everybody. Don’t worry big business; under my idea, corporations can get in on this too.

Here’s my idea: undocumented immigrants can apply for amnesty to cure their illegal status, and any other lawful US citizen or US corporation can partake of some amnesty of their own choosing. For me, I’d like to pay my parking tickets at the rate before they doubled for nonpayment, so that my car isn’t at risk of being booted anytime I leave the house. (I like livin’ on the edge.) Some others – individuals and businesses – might choose to pay their backtaxes without interest and penalties. Maybe the choices would be limited to tickets and taxes, or maybe the choices for amnesty would extend to collections agencies, finance companies, banks – anywhere that people owe money and are late with the payments. In this economy, those people and places shouldn’t be hard to find. Everybody gets right. Plus – this has got to be a revenue raiser for struggling states and localities, and for the federal government.

I don't know if Jesus knew about vetoing, but I think he would encourage forgiveness. Photo courtesy of Willie Stark - ONE/MILLION,

Sure, there will be some people out there who are current on everything, don’t have any parking (or other) tickets, and don’t owe taxes. Well good. Kudos to those people. May you live long and prosper. But if there’s some talk of amnesty being provided, then for the rest of us (no numbers to back it up, but I gotta think we’re in the majority here) – let there be liberty and amnesty for all!

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3 responses to “And liberty and amnesty for all

  1. I think your blog has been educational lately. Thanks for making me think a little deeper about what is going on in the world

  2. sameeoneverything

    #4, i can’t be funny all the time. it’s samee on everything – not just samee being funny! 🙂 i’ll post something that’ll hopefully be funny, just for you, on monday.

  3. Number 4

    Your blog used to be funny, like in a Seinfeld “everyday observation” way. Now it’s just sober and thoughtful. Way to remind me of my vehicle registration delinquencies, No.One.

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