Chronicles of Cross Country Travel – THE END

I’m sorry for the absence. This post was delayed due to a lack of internet access, but here’s the happy ending to my C of CCT.

First of all, there is no volume 5 about the trip from ABQ to Phoenix. It was a pretty uneventful drive, and seemed to go on and on…and on…and then I saw the sign for Maricopa county, AZ. I think it’s the sheriff of Maricopa county who is all hell-bent on cracking down on illegal immigrants in the Phoenix area. Plus, I recognized it from the First 48. 🙂  I had a great time visiting excellent friends in PHX before putting the Sameehicle on the road one more time for the last leg of the journey.

Exterior temp in the Palm Desert, according to the Sameehicle. This was about the same time I saw a car pass with a bumper sticker that read: Jesus is coming! (Everybody look busy) -- hilarious.


PHX – LA(X):

Once I left the Phoenix metro area on “the 10” (because out west, the highways are called “the” and the number), I drove through miles and miles of nothing. I mean nothing. Booooring. And then I saw mountains. And valleys. And windmills! Lots of windmills covering the sides of the mountains and in the valleys. I crossed through the border checkpoint – wait. Let me go back to that. YES. There is a border checkpoint on I-10 traveling west from AZ into CA. I’m sure at one point it was to check for things like foreign agriculture, plants, or drugs, but now I’m convinced it’s to check your voter registration card and ideological tilt because as I mentioned above – the politics in AZ are sumpthin else.

Arizona - California border checkpoint


Anyway, I crossed into CA and saw mountains, valleys and windmills. Big white windmills dotted the scenery. And then the casinos in the Palm Desert. I didn’t know that date farming with date palm trees was an actual industry in the Coachella Valley (Palm Springs area). Ya learn something new everyday. My phone slash GPS told me to get off of the 10 and take the 60, CA Route 60, towards Riverside. The “IE”. I wondered what that stood for (the Inland Empire) and where it was (as best I can tell the IE is anywhere that’s not the deserts, not LA, not the beaches, not the valley, and not  OC.)  I was rollin’ too. No traffic delays, just cruisin. It was great until I hit the 605 (terrible) and then the 110 (even worse), but I knew I was close to my destination because I saw signs for LAX.  A little more traffic and a few miles later, and there I was – my new California address!!

California windmills


I can’t believe I’m here. My friends here can’t believe I’m here. My friends in DC can’t believe I’m not there. Disbelief all around. But I’m here. Maybe it’ll become more “real” to me once I get stuck in traffic on my way to work, or when I just have to go to work. (Perish the thought!)  For now, I’ll just stay in la-la land for a little while longer.


* Oh yeah – it should’ve been real when I signed an earthquake addendum to my renters insurance! Because as the insurance agent told me: it’s been over 16 years since we had a quake, so it’s not a matter of if it’s going to happen – it’s when. Yikes!




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3 responses to “Chronicles of Cross Country Travel – THE END

  1. N

    I am just getting around to seeing your blog! Um, yeah…not surprised to see the border checkpoint. Whatever AZ…boo! Anyways, so glad you made it out there safe and sound and looking forward to my visit next month!!

  2. sameeoneverything

    thanks Eboni! let me know when you’re thinking of coming out!

  3. Eboni

    Hey girl! I’m glad to hear and see that you made it to LA safely! I’m so happy for you! I can’t wait to visit on next year. Ttys!

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