I am not a gadgets person.

I keep seeing these ads for Xbox Kinectx (?) and fitness games and dance games. I really like playing these games! At other people’s houses. I tried to become an electronics person. I did. Really. But it’s so confusing! So many choices and technical decisions. There’s always a newer version that’s just about to come out, with more features and stuff. And the newer stuff makes the older stuff that much cheaper, but the older stuff isn’t that much different from the newer version. I always get overwhelmed, and give up until I try again and this vicious cycle repeats itself.

With audio/video-related gadgets, I never know – do I have the right connecting cables? Where do I get the right cables? Will this work on my tv? I’ve learned from experience that the people who work in Best Buy are (in each and every experience I’ve had) — numnuts. Idiots. They wouldn’t know the right cable to connect their ass to their hole. And don’t get me started on buying a new phone. Or a new tv. This is why my place is full of old electronic stuff and relatively gadget-free. I just got an ipod last year, for workout music. Terrible. I think I can see tv shows on it, but…why would I watch tv on my ipod? I have a tv. Sheesh.

Clothes and shoes - yes. Gadgets and electronics - no.

Instead, I find that I’m a different type of consumer — a clothes & shoes consumer! It’s easy to spot a cute pair of peep toe wedge booties, sparkly tank top, or a cardigan with a nice swing to it. No user manual or technical expertise needed. I just need my mental Rolodex of what’s already in my closet and BAM! – I’m in business.  Oh – and a sense of personal style, which unfortunately, is as lacking in some people as the electronics savvy is lacking in me. And no “restocking fee” if I need to return something.

One day, I’ll see some new gadget or cool feature on someone else’s tv or something electronic that re-ignites my electronic curiosity. I’ll forget about the frustration I feel when I just go to the Best Buy website, let alone actually walking into that damn store. With that in mind, I’m posting the following vacancy announcement:

The House of Samee is in need of someone to sort this stuff out for me, make a recommendation – keeping my budget in mind, and then go with me to buy the stuff AND come back and help me install it correctly. Easy on the eyes, smart, funny, single, non-relatives are preferred but I am not above drafting one or more of my brothers or man-friends to assist me in this task.



House of  Samee




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4 responses to “I am not a gadgets person.

  1. sameeoneverything

    @ #4 – i did not know that. that is a GREAT techno tip! see u soon!

  2. sameeoneverything

    i am serious about wanting gadgets, but it’ll have to be in the future (like when i have a real paycheck again…) but i need helping picking things out, recommendations on what stuff to get (xbox vs wii vs whatever else there is out there) — all that! i’ll be here in mid-Jan, but not purchasing electronics. i guess we’ll just have to resort to hanging out…woe are we. 😉

  3. Number4

    Just know that Apple products are not unique and are overpriced. That’s your technology tip. Don’t believe the hype.

  4. If you’re serious, which “stuff” are you seeking? Game console? TV? A ‘gadget’ for playing movies? And what’s your timeline? I’ll be back in SoCal in mid-January… If you haven’t recruited help by then, I’d be happy to assist you (I’ll install/set up).

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