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Chronicles of Cross Country Travel – Volume 1

Ok, so it’s been awhile since I posted. But now that I’m on leave until 2011 (YAY!!!), I’ll have more time to keep you all up to speed on my latest moving adventure. By now, I think the word’s pretty much out that I’m relocating from Washington, DC, to Los Angeles, CA. When am I relocating? NOW. Like today. And yesterday. My journey was supposed to start Thursday but was delayed due to the Case of the Blacked Out Tail Lights. (The case has been resolved.) Shout outs to the McKangs for noticing the Sameehicle on the Beltway, even in its darkened state.

The C of CCT started yesterday, a day late. I hit ridiculous traffic on I-70. It was terrible. At least the weather was great. Fast forward to the end of Volume 1: I’m on I-270 in the Columbus, OH, metro area headed toward Easton Mall. It was about 11:00pm. I saw 3 school buses, and I thought, “Why are there school buses out so late at night?” A few seconds later I saw 4 or 5 school buses. I peeked into the windows and it all came back to me. High school football players and…wait for it…

The marching band!

I used to be on those buses. When I was in band in high school, our football team was quite awful. For the most part we had to create a fun environment on the bus (ours was called the Soul Train!), because the wins to celebrate were few and far between. (I realize that “create a fun environment” is open to vast interpretation, but don’t go there. It wasn’t like that, well, at least not for me and the people sitting in my immediate vicinity.) We didn’t have many wins to celebrate because (as I like to say) my high school was focused on academics, not athletics. Drop out and college attendance rates notwithstanding, I stand by my assertion!

Anyway, seeing those buses reminded me of a really fun time in my life. There have been other great times, many of them, but high school has a special place in my heart and my memories. 

Bootsy on her backseat pallet, trying to avoid the sun

That’s all folks! I just have the 2 phone pics because I couldn’t find my camera. I’ve now located it and the batteries and will get on top of the photo-taking!

Today’s leg of the journey takes me from Columbus to St. Louis, Missouri. The Arch!

Gateway to the West.

I’m game.


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